Drumset 18-39


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37-year-old drummer from Atlanta! I’ve been playing since I was nine. I started playing in the church and I’ve played different genres throughout my lifetime. I love music and love creating!! Hope you enjoy!

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I’m Susan B. B. Schabacker, 35-year-old Asian American female drummer/musician/singer/songwriter/humanitarian/believer from NC, USA. I’m excited to be officially embarking on my music career and journey with drums/percussion. 

I’m happy and honored to unite and bond with other female

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My name is Adriana, I was born and raised in Guatemala.

I have studied drums for over 8 years, I started my drumming studies at Polirritmos Academy for around 3 years then I kept studying on my own.

I have

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Hey I’m Sarah! I’m 24 years old & have been drumming since I was 11. For me it all started with the video game, Rock Band. I fell in love with the game’s drum kit, & worked myself up from

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Hi! My name is Laura and I’m from Canada. Here’s my video and I hope you enjoy. All sounds triggered live by me. Thanks to my mom for my first snare drum and for encouraging me!

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My name is Camila Mennitte P., I am 26 and I am from Argentina. I have been residing in the United States since 2014 and I am currently based in Chicago, IL. When I was 14 started my journey on

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As a young Indian girl (read: bespectacled nerd) who was dismissed from getting to learn drums because no other girl in a school of 600-odd girls except me had opted for it as her co-curricular, my journey with percussions was

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